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Our Programs

Whether you desire to sing professionally, express yourself in a worship service, or sing in the shower, the power of music and making a joyful noise knows no bounds! Mama Foundation for the Arts supports the beginner, the seasoned singer, those who sing for joy, or those who want to professionally fine-tune their vocal instrument.



Mama Music Program
In-School Music Education
Workforce Development
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Mama Music Program (formerly Gospel for Teens) is our very own award-winning teenage gospel program that enriches 50 – 75 participants each semester with the gift of discovering their personal artistic talent and expression through music history and vocal technique, all while building self-confidence on and off stage that lasts a lifetime. The program has grown to be a highly respected source of education and self-development for youth throughout New York City and continues to teach aspiring teenagers about the importance of music as an art form.

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Wednesday Sings
Destination Harlem
Harlem Healing Project
Alive + Kickin’ Senior Workshop

Wednesday Sings

Bring a joyful noise to your hectic week with our Wednesday Sings workshop! Led by our top music masters each Wednesday from 7pm – 9pm, the Wednesday Sings Ensemble acts as a training ground for our Gospel for Teens graduates and any other adults who have a passion for raising their voice and singing, no matter their age, background or training. Keeping our mission of tuition free programming alive, our high energy singing intensives are completely free to all participants. Join us as we spread joy each week with Wednesday Sings!

Original African American Musical Theater
Concert Performance Series
Mama’s Professional Choir - Sing Harlem
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Original African American Musical Theater

We use our original musical theater productions to centralize and amplify African American arts, inspire future generations of black artists, and establish Mama Foundation as an esteemed bearer of Black Excellence. From the record-breaking musical Mama I Want to Sing to our one-of-a-kind production Alive! 55+ and Kickin’, we continue to produce Original African American Musical Theater that has been, and will be, a staple in the Harlem community and beyond for decades to come.

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