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Mama on the Road

Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson, Elijah Ahmad Lewis, Bettina Pennon, Tyrone Flowers, and Sandra Huff in Mama, I Want to Sing: The Next Generation, featuring Gospel for Teens, at the Dempsey Theater, New York City in 2011.

Alive! Partial Company

Alive! 55+ and Kickin" at the Dempsey Theater, New York City in 2015. Photo credit: Jeremy Daniels.

Our Signature Show
Alive 55+ and Kickin'

Alive! features singers and musicians over the age of 55. Some were performers back in the day, some sing in church, the shower, or in the car, but they all can sing! Alive! illustrates that talent gets better, deeper, and richer with age. Audiences will have a great time reliving the turning points in their lives, and will feel rejuvenated when they leave the theater.

2 hours • 10-14 member ensemble • 5 member band • 4 crew

Selection from "Alive!"
Vocals by Ensemble


"One woman did a rendition of “I will always love you” that had everyone in tears and off their seats giving a standing ovation!"
— The Angel Talk Show

"The perfect word to describe Alive! is celebration. This show is a celebration of music and life, and more importantly, it is a celebration of age and wisdom."
— Ludus TNC

Black Star News: Theater: "Alive" In Harlem
“Alive” gives us an amazing balance of melancholy, sass and uplifting music from the past and not so distant past. This show is worth seeing for pure entertainment or a spiritual affirmation."
— Black Star News

"Through the music and through authentic stories and testimonies, the ALIVE! cast tell how it used to be, and how life could be going forward…at any age."
— Broadway World

Choir scene from Mama, I Want to Sing

Mama, I Want to Sing: The Next Generation at the Dempsey Theater, New York City in 2011. Photo credit: Jasmin Williams.

Our Signature Show
Mama, I Want to Sing

This classic Black gospel musical was named by Time Magazine as one of the "Ten Best of 1984." Loosely based on the life of Doris Troy ("Just One Look"), Mama follows the growth and development of Doris Winter from her roots in her father's church in Harlem to her rise to international fame as a pop singer. Mama is available for a full theatrical production or in a concert version.

2 hours • 6 principal singers • 10-12 member choir • 3 member band • 5 crew

Selection from "Faith Can Move a Mountain"
Vocals by Kathy Murphy Jackson


"This show isn't just hot, it's a four-alarm meltdown."
— Hollywood Reporter

"The season’s joyfullest noise!"
— Time Magazine

" invigorating production..."
— The New York Times

Celebrating Harlem, U.S.A.

Tyrone Flowers sings about love in Sing Harlem Sing! Photo credit: G. N. Miller.

Sing Harlem Sing!

Sing Harlem Sing! is a musical from the creators of Mama, I Want to Sing! Set in a happening Harlem nightspot from back-in-the-day, it celebrates the soul-stirring power, energy and enthusiasm of the human voice. The musical presents a soulful score including gospel, R&B, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. Audiences will enjoy music from Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Sing Harlem Sing! originated at The Apollo Theater in 2008 and toured throughout Japan before playing a limited run at The Dempsey Theater in 2009. This show captures the highs and the lows, the moods, the feelings, the breakups and the make-ups, and the power of spirit.

Sing Harlem Sing! features Vy Higginsen, as they remember her, on WBLS, KISS-FM and WWRL.

90 minutes • 15 member ensemble/choir • 5 member band • 4 crew

Audio selection from "When a Man Loves a Woman"
Vocals by Myke Liverpool


The Mama Story Continues
Bettina Pennon as Mama Winter and Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson as Doris Winter

Bettina Pennon as Mama Winter and Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson as Doris Winter in Mama, I Want to Sing: The Next Generation, 2011. Photo credit: Jasmin Williams.

Sing! Mama 2

Sing! Mama 2 is the sequel to Mama, I Want to Sing. This show follows the courtship, marriage and birth of the first child of superstar Doris Winter and her husband.

2 hours • 6 singers • 10-12 member choir
3 member band • 5 crew

Audio selection from "When We All Get to Heaven"


Born to Sing: Mama 3

The last of the Mama trilogy, Born to Sing reveals the funny and stirring behind-the-scenes activities of Doris Winter's international tour with her sensitive, vulnerable 15-year-old daughter and a group of talented teenagers. Acclaimed by The New York Times, New York Post and Philadelphia Inquirer, Born to Sing dramatizes how family and spiritual values can help heal tensions and conflicts.

2 hours • 6 principals • 10-12 member choir
3 member band • 5 crew

An Ensemble for Small Spaces
Tyrone Flowers singing in Joyful Joyful

Tyrone Flowers (foreground) singing in Joyful Joyful performance in 2006. Photo credit: G. N. Miller.

Joyful, Joyful: A Celebration

This is an intimate show with many moods, textures and expressions. Joyful Joyful was designed for small spaces such as restaurants.

60 minutes

Audio selection from "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
Vocals by Kathleen Murphy Jackson and the New York Harlem Gospel Singers

Let the Music Play Gospel

This show is a story in concert with a message that says music can heal, inspire and bring people together in difficult and trying times. It features world-class soloists, duets, trios, and a wonderful male quartet.

2 hours • 12 singers as ensemble and step-out featured soloists • 3 crew

Audio selection from "I've Got a Feeling" • Vocals by Walker Freeland

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

This hand-clapping, toe-tapping gospel revue presents gospel favorites that can be enjoyed by the entire family from grandma to the baby sister.

60 minutes • 6 singers • 2 member band
2 crew

This Is My Song

This is a day in the life of an authentic gospel church on its 100th anniversary. The day-long ceremony takes place with inspiring guests who sing their powerful testimonies.

60 minutes • 12-18 singers • 4 member band • 4 crew

Audio selection: Vy Higginsen narrating and presenting selections from our promotional DVD for "This Is My Song"


Video selection from "This Is My Song" promotional DVD featuring Richard Hartley.

Gospel Lives

New Harlem Gospel Singers featured in Gospel Is...! Photo credit: G.N. Miller

Gospel Is…!

A rousing blend of traditional and contemporary gospel music, this show is perfect for large theaters, auditoriums or houses of worship. Gospel Is…! is a high-energy, get-on-your-feet, and join-in-on-the-good-time experience.

90 minutes • 12 singers • 3 member band
3 crew

Audio selection from "Center Peace" Vocals by Dejahnee Richardson and The New York Reach Ensemble



Video selection from Gospel Is…! promotional DVD featuring The New York Harlem Gospel Singers.